Panel Borders

In the process of stumbling around the internet in attempt to find a way of hoisting myself over to the UK after graduation, I found this niffty British podcast devoted entirely to comics called Panel Borders. They've got a wide range of stuff from interviews with Rutu Modan and Shaun Tan to talks about zines and various themed months for the show including indie comics, classic heroes, and cross-cultural comics.

Subscribing to the podcast turned out to be slightly challenging since itunes insisted it wasn't available in my area, but I managed to get around it by copy/pasting the feed url into the 'subscribe to podcast' box under 'advanced.' (the url is http://feeds.feedburner.com/panelborders for anyone who's interested) I haven't had an opportunity to listen to all of the shows yet so I can't make any specific recommendations but there's plenty to keep you occupied so go check it out.

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