Done in a 5" x 8.5" earthbound sketchbook with either .5mm 2B mechanical pencil lead or a .05mm Staedtler pigment liner!

I, like many artists, wish I could make a living off of drawing naked ladies.

Ben challenged me to draw 3 of my friends from memory, so from the top we have KJ, Jose, and Gwendolyn. Done without reference, so who knows if I got Jose's lobe piercing on the right ear?

Sketches for a character design digital painting that I will eventually post (not here, though).

To go off on a vaguely relevant tangent: I've always been really interested in materials that artists use in their work (hence the blurb at the top of this post), and I try to experience new tools as much as possible in the hopes that I'll find the ones that fit me perfectly. I have a solid preference as far as sketchbooks (I don't usually use earthbound, my favorites are the cachet wirebound - they look like this) and mechanical pencils as well (though I've felt pressure recently to try out lead holders instead).

However, I've never been happy with pens. I used microns throughout high school, but I now ink either with a brush or with nibs and Higgins india ink. But I still like drawing with pens in my sketchbook, when a dip pen would be inconvenient. I use Staedtler pigment liners at the moment, but they have the same problems I've always found - ink is not black enough, ink opacity is inconsistent, the nib gets pushed back into the pen or becomes bent, the line width is inconsistent... I shy away from rapidographs because of nightmare stories about how they clog and are impossible to clean.

When I get some free money, I intend to buy up some pens that I have noticed other artists using around the internet - specifically the pilot g-tec-c / hi-tec-c gel pens used by Veronique Meignaud (see?) to draw her super intricate lines.

Other pens of interest: Pentel pocket brush pens used by Angie Wang (they have refill cartridges, which seems handy), Pentel Slicci gel pens, and Copic multiliners (the sp line is also refillable).


  1. I independently endorse the pentel pocket brush.

    Pilot g-tec, hi-tec, and slicci are ballpoint pens and have a scratchy feel. I dunno, I was let down (especially with slicci) but you might try them out for a change of pace. multiliners sp are just more expensive versions of your pigment liners, but they are silver and shiny.

    your work is fine and exciting. this is the first I've seen of it... and I like it.

  2. Why thanks! And thanks for your advice.

    I'll post my evaluations of said pens once I get my hands on them! I have the growing suspicion that I lust after a pen that simply doesn't exist, though.

  3. Whoa, there's too much goodness here to reply to... keep the sketchbook work coming, I see you making subtle enrichments to your work every single time you post, damn.

    Can you do a compare & contrast, internationnal cartoonist Pen summit post? that would be awesome! Like, 12 drawings of a fish side-by-side-by-side with commentary on each instrument? :B