I did these a couple weeks ago and I've been waivering back and forth between posting them but I figure I may as well. I generally tend to avoid drawing in Photoshop because when I do, I use it for silly things. This is no exception, these are all pretty cheesecakey and pin-up-tastic, but I had fun with them. If you don't do the Shakespeare thing, ignore the rest of the text, I tend to blather about things no one should care about.

Mercutio! If you can identify what all of his tattoos refer to you win bonus points.

Robin Goodfellow says Puck You!

One day when I have run out of serious things to do I will make a comic about these two and their antics.
Not gonna lie, I've always thought Emelia was kind of a stupid nag, but after re-reading Othello again (ssshhh, it was for class, ok? really...) I'm kind of entranced by her independent, no-nonsense bad-assery

I love Iago but I also love that she doesn't really put up with any of his bullshit.
But that said, I think they've got a very strange relationship that will be fun to play with.

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